Law and Sexuality

A commentary and resource on Law and Sexuality by Professor Chris Ashford and guests

Useful Links Refresh & Call

linksIt’s that time of year when I look at refreshing my useful links section.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll clear out any dead links and add sites that I think might be useful to readers of this blog.  If you run a site, or know a site that fits with the list, please tweet me the address (@lawandsexuality) or drop an email to:

You’ll see the list includes ‘NSFW’ links (not safe for work) so even if the site is explicit, I can include it provided it aligns with the general scope of this blog.

I don’t promise to include all suggestions, but I’ll take a look at everything that’s sent through.  A number of commitments that have kept me very busy over the last few months have now come to an end.  Whilst I enjoyed and valued the roles, they meant that this blog was one of the victims of me not having enough hours in the day.  The next year is still going to be busy but I’m hoping to give this blog some much needed TLC.  If there’s something you think I should be blogging on, or you want to hear more from me about, again, please drop me a line.


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