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Socio-Legal Mentorship Funding Opportunity

mentorAre you an early career scholar wanting to spend some time with me or another socio-legal scholar as a mentee?  The SLSA have launched an amazing mentorship scheme which is designed as a capacity-building scheme to support travel and accommodation for SLSA members who wish to visit and spend up to a week working with a chosen socio-legal mentor, and who do not have access to sources of institutional support to do so.  Please note it’s not open to PhD students.

Full details are available here, and I’ve included the guidance info below.

Mentorship Scheme Guidance

The SLSA invites applications under its Mentorship Scheme to cover the cost of travel and accommodation to work for up to a week with a chosen socio-legal mentor.

All applications and enquiries should be submitted to:


  • may be submitted at any time
  • will be acknowledged by email
  • will be considered as they are received, with the aim of providing a response within one month of receipt
  • must comply with the Rules and Guidance for applicants set out below.

 Rules and Guidance

  1. Eligibility
  • Applications will only be considered from fully paid-up SLSA
  • Applicants must not currently be undertaking a PhD. There are no other restrictions on eligibility, although the SLSA reserves the right to give priority in making awards to more junior applicants.
  • It is not necessary for the chosen mentor to be a member of the SLSA, but they must be a socio-legal scholar

1.4. Applications for partial or joint funding will be considered

1.5. Applications are encouraged from all sections of the socio-legal community, within and outside the UK

1.6. The proposed mentoring visit must be completed within 12 months of the application.

  1. 2. Eligible costs

2.1. Funds may be sought to meet:

  • Reasonable travel expenses
  • Reasonable accommodation expenses for up to 7 nights (within the UK, not normally exceeding £100 per night / £120 in London).

2.2. Funds will not be provided to cover salary costs, time buyout or replacement teaching for either the applicant or the mentor.

  1. Applications

3.1. There is no standard application form. Applications must be submitted by e-mail.

3.2. Applications must include

(a) the applicant’s name, institution and statement of eligibility in accordance with 1.1 and 1.2 above

(b) the name and location of the mentor and the rationale for choosing them

(c) the intended dates and duration of the proposed visit, and the programme to be followed during the visit

(d) the expected outcomes of the mentoring visit

(e) an explanation as to why institutional funds are not available (or fully available) to cover the visit

(f) a budget statement detailing the costs of travel and accommodation, and the total amount sought.

3.3. Applicants must also provide a letter or email from the proposed mentor setting out their agreement to the intended dates, duration and proposed programme for the visit.

3.4. The application (excluding the budget statement) must not exceed 1500 words and must be printed in a font size that is not less than 11 pt in a standard font such as Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana.

3.4. Any funding that has been obtained or applied for from another source, including the applicant’s institution or course provider, must be disclosed in the application.

3.5. If the sub-committee is not satisfied with any aspect of the application it may enter into correspondence with the applicant regarding its concerns and/or suggestions for amendment.

  1. Acceptance of an award

4.1. Written confirmation of acceptance must be received from the applicant within 14 days of notification of the offer of an award.

4.2. If such confirmation is not received within 14 days the offer will be deemed to have lapsed.

4.3. Funding requested will be paid to and must be administered by the applicant’s institution. The SLSA does not provide funding to cover overheads or administrative charges.

4.4. The SLSA reserves the right to offer funding subject to the fulfilment of specified conditions. In such a case any acceptance will become binding on the Association only once it is satisfied that such conditions have been or will be met.

4.5. In all cases it will be a condition of acceptance that the applicant will undertake to submit a report of the mentoring visit for publication in the SLSA Newsletter.

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