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Grab your Cox and whip out your camera

rs_560x433-140724090521-1024.Warwick-Naked-Rowers.jl_.072414-4_copyGoodness me, this new academic year stuff is hard isn’t it?  Five presses of the snooze button this morning.  I’d forgotten what the alarm sounds like (well, actually it’s Radio 4 but let’s not spoil the story).  So, let’s ease ourselves back into the new year with some naked students.  Bet that woke up our HR department.  No, let’s talk rowers.   Northumbria University has a rowing team, and you can see a picture of them on their webpage.  Such is the professional standards that employees/academics face, it would be wrong for me to comment further on that image.

That said, it’s also curiously the norm to be openly thrilled, nay positively excited, at anything to do with student rowers and their growing surge into naked calendars.  Unless you work there.  We can admire each others rowers, but never our own, unless strictly for their rowing skills.

Local rivals, Newcastle Uni’s Boat Club also did a calendar last year, promoted via this ‘teaser’ video (see below).  A 2016 calendar seems inevitable.  I would say ‘come on Northumbria, get stripped and snapping’ but that would be wrong, wouldn’t it?  It’s probably a bit more Ok to encourage Newcastle students to get naked, but not so much that they should in some way get one over Northumbria.  Then again, it raises money for charity, and that’s surely the great ethical white wash of our age?  Sometimes, I think we might all go bonkers caught in this web of contemporary probity.

Anyway, the Warwick Rowers are back and seem to have lost all their clothes again (pity those poor Warwick academics) and they’ve launched a Crowdfunder for the 2015/16 calendar.  The money raised not only helps them to run their own sporting activities, but also supports their awesome charity Sport Allies, a programme to reach out to young people challenged by bullying, homophobia or low self-esteem.  So, your drooling can make a real positive difference to so many lives.  The Crowdfunding video for the 2016 calendar is below.  When you’ve finished watching, check out their website, and get supporting.  Have a good week everyone.


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