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Kentucky Clerk Continues to Deny Marriage Licenses

Pic via @RylandKY

Pic via @RylandKY

I blogged this morning about the news overnight Uk time that the U.S. Supreme Court declined a petition from Kentucky’s Rowan County clerk Kim Davis for an emergency stay on a court order requiring her to immediately start issuing marriage licenses to all eligible applicants, including same-sex couples.

Curiously, Kim Davis didn’t seem to get the message.  A video has gone viral of her refusing to issue the licenses.  Lacking a legal leg to stand on, she ultimately says it’s God’s decision.  Okay dokey.  The thing is it’s taxpayers who pay her salary rather than God, and it’s taxpayers who hold her to account in this life.   The sheer smugness of this homophobic character is enough to extinguish the sympathies of many.   She’s not performing the job that she’s paid to do.  As another seemingly right wing crank might say, “you’re fired”.

Check out more here.

UPDATE 17.19 BST 1 September:  This is a fast developing story.  Davis has now been ordered to appear in Court along with her Deputies to explain why she isn’t in contempt of Court.  Read more here.

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