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New Year 2015/16

7677621530_bdc3c696e1The last couple of years have seen  major drop off in my posts as I wrestle with competing demands on my time.  I’m never going to get back to my old blogging frequency but I am keen to make more of an effort this academic year.  I’m introducing a bit of structure to help give me focus and I hope they will also prove useful to you.  Each Thursday will feature a ‘Throwback Thursday’ blog post, reposting a previous post with a new update/context intro.  These will run for the next fifteen weeks unto and including Christmas Eve.  Each Friday over the same period, I’ll be posting ‘the Friday Five’, five stories that I’ve been reading over the preceding week and that I’d like to share with you.  These Friday posts will be posted by noon UK time so you can have a read over lunch or an afternoon brew as you prepare for the weekend.  Once a month until (and including) July, I’ll also post a ‘Scholar Sunday’ post that will feature an example of my own scholarship in a shameless monthly act of self-promotion.  What I want to do is not only highlight a particular output, but explain why I wrote it, what I was trying to do and even what I think is now wrong with it, and what I would do differently.  I hope it will further introduce you to my work, and also serve as an open discussion of scholarship which I think we in the academy desperately need.  At a time of increased pressure in scholarship globally to produce ‘excellent’ scholarship of consistent internationals standard, we’re in danger of papering over the cracks of our own limitations and weaknesses, even though it is this reflection that often leads to more robust and significant findings and insights.

In addition to these ‘strands’ I will try to get back to some of my more ‘comment’s type pieces (or rants depending on your perspective) and share details of events and conferences that I think will be of interest, particularly the activities of the Gender, Sexuality and Law Research Group based at Northumbria University (see here for more).   Finally, I continue to welcome guest posts, particularly for early-career academics and doctoral students who are looking for places to promote their work and explore their ideas.

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