rainbow_court-360x200Historic news overnight from the States.  The U.S. Supreme Court declined a petition from Kentucky’s Rowan County clerk Kim Davis for an emergency stay on a court order requiring her to immediately start issuing marriage licenses to all eligible applicants, including same-sex couples.   Although some news stories seem to suggest a ‘decision’, is does mean that they are backing up the Sixth Circuit who last week rejected her request for a stay of his order, meaning that she would be required to start granting licenses on Monday (yesterday).

The Advocate offers a pretty good overview of what’s happened with useful links.  This move helps to clarify that if it’s your job to issue marriage licenses, you must issue marriage licenses whether you agree with the marriage or not.  More here on the excellent SCOTUS blog.

Following the historic decision in Obergefell v. Hodges earlier this year, we’re now seeing the inevitable final skirmishes as America gets to grips with deep legal and social changes.  There are probably more to come.