Confusing-Website-NavigationAs we gear up for a new academic year (or in some cases, we’re already underway), I thought it might be useful to ‘flag up’ some aspects of this blog.  It was originally created to supported my pedagogy at a previous institution but grew into a broader resource and source of comment.  Today, it seeks to be both a resource and an insightful commentary on law and sexuality.  At the bottom of each post you have the opportunity to comment (subject to moderation to stop spam).  The most recent 9 posts are shown on the front page, with the option to click for ‘older posts’.  The blog started back in July 2007 and at the bottom of each page is a common four columns.  The second of which features ‘Archives’ where you can pull up any month from the archive of the blog.  Above this you can search the whole blog, and above that, you can subscribe to email updates on the blog, so you don’t miss new posts.  Down the left you’ll see recent tweets from me, and the remaining two columns feature RSS feeds from the UK-based Pink news and the US-based Advocate.  Both automatically pull through their most recent news stories.  Up at the top left, you see link to six pages which are largely self-explanatory.  The ‘useful links’ section and a big update over the summer,c eating a new section and updating all the links/ensuring that they still work.  If you think I’ve missed off a site, do drop me a line.

As ever, I always appreciate feedback on the blog.