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Prof Leslie Moran honoured as ‘legal hero’

professor_moranjpg250x280One of the things about working through the post-leave email mountain is you’re also trying to watch up with stuff you missed.  One bit of fabulous news from June I completely missed was the decision by the Law Society of England and Wales tor recognise Professor Les Moran as a ‘legal hero’ for his work putting Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) issues on the legal research agenda.

The full Birkbeck press release can be viewed here.

Les’s 1996 text ‘The Homosexual(ity) of Law’ (oddly no longer listed on the Routledge site, but available via Amazon) was key for me getting to grips with sexuality from a law perspective as an undergraduate.  It heavily influenced my undergraduate dissertation and went on to then shape my use of archive research (many years later) and my own theoretical positioning (further clarified by the work of Carl Sytchin and Gale Rubin).  He is one of my academic heroes and his text went on to be used for my Law and Sexuality course when I first launched it, in turn shaping the perspectives of a generation of law students.  This gong is incredibly well deserved and I’m really chuffed for Les.  If you’ve never read his ’96 text, check it out.


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