01DVG_HAMPSTEAD_HEATH_EXTENSIONPlease see this call for participants from one of my PhD students.  If you can help, please give Katharine a shout or pass these details on to any friends/contacts you have who can help.  Thanks!

Volunteers sought for research examining concepts of risk held by men who have sex with men in public spaces.

This study requires male adult volunteers who have had sex in public sex environments (These may include public parks, beaches, motorway rest-stops, cemeteries and public toilets) within the last 18 months.

Participation in this study involves an informal interview exploring perceptions of risk relating to public sexual experiences. The interview will be audio-recorded and transcribed. All information provided will be treated with confidence and any information that could identify you will be changed to protect your anonymity.  This study has been approved by Northumbria University’s ethics committee.

To enquire further about the study and/or the possibility of participating in the project, please contact Katharine Parker at k.parker@northumbria.ac.uk