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GSL Seminar: Evaluating Risk and Responsibility in Domestic Violence Disclosures

s200_marian.dugganThe next seminar in the Gender, Sexuality, and Law research series is being held on Monday 14th of March, 12.30 – 2pm, in room 325 in the Faculty of Business and Law, City Campus East. Please RSVP to

GSL is part of the Law and Society Signature Area.

The seminar will be taken by Dr Marian Duggan from the University of Kent and is entitled: Evaluating Risk and Responsibility in Domestic Violence Disclosures.

The ‘Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme’ (also known colloquially as ‘Clare’s Law’) offers people the opportunity to request information from the police about a new partner’s potentially abusive history. This Scheme has been in operation for approximately two years, but as of yet there has been no evaluation of its efficacy. Nonetheless, media representations of the Scheme routinely cite it as being a ‘success’ in preventing domestic violence, despite having no supporting evidence. This paper presents initial findings from ongoing research into the first twelve months of the Scheme operating across England and Wales. The feminist analysis of these findings examines the nature, scope and uptake of the Scheme; how ‘success’ is conceptualised; what roles risk and responsibility play; and the Scheme’s potential for perpetrating – as opposed to preventing – harm.
Marian is a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Kent’s School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research. Her research interests  focus on informing policy and practice to reduce sexual, gendered and hate-based victimisation. She has published widely in these areas, using her engagement with the statutory and third sectors to inform her teaching and scholarly practice.

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