4337747398_a1b8fe258e_bI used to host the excellent Pinksixty news on my blog when I used the blogger platform.  When I moved over to WordPress three years ago, I moved away from it.  The blog also ceased its role as a teaching aide so the loss didn’t matter much.  I did put RSS feeds on the front page for PinkNews and The Advocate which you can see at the bottom of each page.

Earlier this week I brought Pinkness back to the blog as I returned to more regular blogging and wanted to incorporate the resource.  Unfortunately, it uses a javascript code and so WordPress blocks it.  The botch I’m using to get around this is to update a page with the files from YouTube each day.  You’ll see it’s added to the menu on the front page and I hope you’ll find it useful having it there (especially if you’re a student with me or elsewhere).  I’ll be updating it each day (as much as possible) and will keep the previous week up there too.

I’m also in the process of updating my links page, so if you have suggestions for additions, do please give me a shout with your ideas!