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Throwback Thursday: Holiday Turmoil

Ipanema_LGBT_Area_-_Rio,_BrazilIt’s time for the weekly trawl through the archives and here’s a really short post from back in September 2008.  As many of us come back from holidays, it’s worth noting that we’ve had a relatively stable period in the holiday industry and anyone thinking the ‘gay’ holiday is permanently over, would be disappointed.  What couldn’t be seen happening so soon back in 2008 was the passing of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act in 2013.  The Act ushered in a deepening of the gay honeymoon package from a range of companies to aspirational destinations.  Basement Studios in Gran Canaria is still going and two years after my original post, this video tour appeared on YouTube.  Much fiesta (allegedly)! Contrast the feel of this location from the dream aspirational honeymoon locations at the other linked site.

In 2015, what looks like a Basement produced video appeared showing the small hotel complex.  Note that it strikes a different tone again (and no patrons are shown) and has an excellent Depeche Mode soundtrack.


Holiday Turmoil

As the holiday season came to an end, the UK reeled from the collapse of XL Leisure Group. Whilst the mainstream media focused on the families stranded abroad, Pink News has reported how the fallout has affected gay travel companies. Both Throb Holidays and Respect Holidays have stopped trading. Respect in particular was a well known company that regularly featured in the gay media. It’s collapse is obviously sad for those affected but it will be interesting to see what develops and whether there continues to be a demand for “gay holidays” and whether those holidays become more ‘focused’, i.e catering to the leather and fetish markets such as Basement Studios in Gran Canaria; a popular gay destination that was well catered by Throb and Respect.

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