Somewhat bizarrely, The Sun included an article yesterday on public sex with a quote from me in the piece.  I say bizarre because they didn’t contact me or my employer for a quote.  The quote is from me but is from 2014 and featured (along with much of the content of this article) in a BBC story from that year which provided a much more detailed appraisal of the law and associated issues.  To be fair to them, they do cite the original story but even so, it seems odd to trawl the archives of another site for this story.   Moreover, being from 2014 some aspects are out of date.  The article refers to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) but they no longer exist, having been abolished by the previous Coalition government (we’ve had two governments since the article was published).

It’s always nice to see your work contributing to public discussion/information but I’m rather disappointed with the way this particular story has been handled.

By the way, yes, after two very challenging years with external commitments, I am trying to get back to blogging.  I’ve updated the about and publication menus, and you’ll see the blog has a new look.  I actually preferred the old template but it hasn’t been supported by WordPress for a while so there were a growing series of bugs and security gaps.  I hope you approve of the new look!