Law and Sexuality

A commentary and resource on Law and Sexuality by Professor Chris Ashford and guests

Feminist and Queer Legal Zines as Pedagogy

Just before I vanished on my Summer leave I was really pleased to hear the news that I’ve been successful in a bid to get some TQEF funds for a … Continue reading

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Defining and Teaching Law and Sexuality

This blog started with a reflection from a conference and it’s to that theme that I return as I attempt once more to get back my writing and blogging mojo. … Continue reading

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Funded PhD Opportunity: Gender, Sexuality and Law: Crossing Borders and Communities at the Margins (Advert Ref: RDF18/LAW/ASHFORD)

You’ve still got a few weeks to put together an application for a PhD proposal to join me and the Gender, Sexuality and Law research team at Northumbria University in … Continue reading

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The Pink News Awards and the Antony Grey Legacy

Antony Grey was one of the great gay campaigners.  His work with the Albany Trust marked a shift away from what he called ‘lefty loon’ LGBT politics and a move … Continue reading

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Blog at Ten

This Summer marks ten years since this blog began.  My first post appeared on July 9 2007, and was a brief reflection on the Canadian Law and Society Conference.  Later … Continue reading

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Something for the weekend

Updated 29/8/17 Meaningful connection, James Wharton suggests at one point in his latest book, is in part a motivator for chemsex.  The quest for connection is also what makes the … Continue reading

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Trump and the Trans Ban

Noise.  The word more than anything else that comes to my mind when thinking about the 45th President of the United States is noise.  Donald J Trump appears to emit … Continue reading

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The Tories Have Given the Left a Challenge: Progressives and the LGBT Agenda

Legal reform and LGBT issues have long been defined by the agenda and values of Progressives and the Left in the UK.  From the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality via the … Continue reading

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The story of how gay sex was decriminalised in Britain

My first piece for The Conversation appeared today.  It’s one of their new ‘long  read’ pieces so is rather longer than what they normally publish, and it kicks off a … Continue reading

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