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Inaugural Lecture

10592696_10152665281378560_8408686224031841356_n.jpgTonight I’ll be delivering my inaugural professorial lecture.  I’ve already blogged about the lecture over at LAGLA North East.  Check that post out here.  As part of tonight’s lecture, I provided a handout with a link to this page.

Below you’ll find links to the articles that I refer to in the course of my lecture.  I’ll share the slides on my blog in the coming days.

Ashford, C (2015) ‘Bareback Sex, Queer Legal Theory, and Evolving Socio-Legal Contexts’, Sexualities 18(1-2) 195-209.

Ashford, C (2013) Comment: The same-sex marriage bill isn’t the end of the journey towards gay rights, Pink News, 25 January (free to access)

Sir Gerald Howarth: ‘I should have used ‘militant’ rather than ‘aggressive’ to describe homosexuals, Pink News, 23 May 2013 (free to access)

Ashford, C (2012) ‘From Cruising to Dogging: The Surveillance and Consumption of Public Sex’, in I.Rivers and R.Ward, Out of the Ordinary: Representations of LGBT Lives (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing) 77-92.

Ashford, C (2012) ‘Heterosexuality, Public Places and Policing’, in P.Johnson and D.Dalton, Policing Sex (Abingdon and New York: Routledge) 41-53.

Ashford, C (2011) ‘(Homo)normative Legal Discourses and the Queer Challenge’, 1(1) Durham Law Review 77-98.

Ashford, C (2010) ‘Barebacking and the Cult of ‘Violence’: Queering the Criminal Law’, Journal of Criminal Law, 74(4): 339-357.

Ashford, C (2009) ‘Queer Theory, Cyber-Ethnographies and Researching Online Sex Environments’, Information and Communications Technology Law, 18(3) 297-314 (free to access)

Ashford, C (2009) ‘Male Sex Work and the Internet Effect: Time to Re-evaluate the Criminal Law?’, Journal of Criminal Law 73(3) 258-280.

Ashford, C (2008) ‘Sex Work in Cyberspace: Who Pays the Price?’ 17(1) Information and Communications Technology Law, 37-49.

Ashford, C (2007) ‘Sexuality and the Criminal Law:  The Cottaging Phenomenon’, 71(6) Journal of Criminal Law, 506-519.

Ashford, C (2006) ‘The Only Gay in the Village:  Sexuality and the Net, 13(3) Information and Communications Technology Law, 275-289.

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